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Pembroke Pipeline:

History of pembroke

Pembroke is one of the oldest black rural townships. It was founded by a runaway slave named Pap Tetter before the Emancipation Proclamation. Folk history tells us that he and his family of 18 children escaped from North Carolina around 1861.

According to illinois state museum, With a population of about two thousand, Pembroke Township, sixty-five miles south of Chicago is one of the largest rural, black communities north of the Mason-Dixon Line. It is also one of the poorest places in the nation. Many black farmers came to this area during the Great Migration; finding Chicago to be overcrowded and inhospitable, they were able to buy land in the township at low prices. The poor soil made it nearly impossible to establish profitable farms

Census report analysis of Pembroke township, Kankakee County 

As the most current census 2020 5-yr data

Pembroke township has a population of 1529

The median age is 51, with 20% of the township population being between the ages of 60-69, the second highest age-group is 10-19, being 15% of the township population. (Commentary, which is interesting, because you wonder if they’ll hold the same values as the 60-69 age-group). 

The population is 51% Male and 49% Female, 77% of the population identify as Black.

The economics: 

The Nicor Pipeline

What the communities are saying.

Rebuilding a Black Metropolis

Bronzeville now? Whats the future.

In its heyday, from the 1910’s to the 1940’s, Bronzeville rivaled Harlem as the cultural and political capital of African America. That’s largely due to a stretch of Bronzeville called “The Stroll.” This section of State Street, from 26th to 29th Streets, was famous for its bustling activity

A small town, targeted. 

History of Buffalo NY

Who are the people of Buffalo, NY


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