We are a publication owned by Jones Publishing and Enterprises, LLC.

Mission statement: Exposing the greatness of everyday people through spiritual journeys, relationships, knowledge and cultural revelation.

Vision Statement: Educate, inspire and motivate young adults in the areas of emotional, spiritual and financial growth for the betterment of urban communities and culture using the stories of people to help people!

Target Audience: Young to middle-aged adults


Nia Jovan Andrews, Publisher & Managing Editor

Founder of Jones Publishing & Enterprises LLC., graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism concentrating on Magazine Article Writing and completed a Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property at the UIC John Marshall Law School. She spent eight years in the banking industry and then went on to work for the Journal of the American Medical Association as a Record’s Clerk learning about the back-end of journal publishing then moved on to an administrative position while cultivating her plans on becoming an entrepreneur. She knew while at Columbia she did not want to go the traditional route of publishing, because while in college she interned with an online beauty magazine that gave her insight on the new wave of interactive media being introduced. She has always wanted to be the editor-in-chief over all of her articles, so she created her own online magazine. Nia is excited about this journey in publishing and entrepreneurial opportunities and is looking forward to many of her entrepreneurial dreams coming to fruition. This is her passion and her hopes are that others see her wholehearted attempt to strengthen others with real community success. She focuses on relationship building between community and businesses/organizations; youth development in spiritual life and journalism. Visit JPE•OLOGY to purchase memoir.

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