Author: Nia Jovan Andrews

Publisher & Managing Editor

Rose Spears, Nurse & Author, “Once I Collided with Glory.”

 Nia Jovan Andrews  13 Apr 2023

Once I Collided with Glory by Rose Spears explores themes of love, loss, and self-discovery through vivid and emotive language. The book touch on subjects such as relationships, mental health, and the search for meaning in life.


 Nia Jovan Andrews  11 Apr 2023

Owner of One Purpose Magazine penned a memoir-guided journal and have decided to package it in a box for people…

two girls wearing yellow sleeveless dresses

Protecting Girls

 Nia Jovan Andrews  22 Mar 2023

“Girls Deserve to be Protected at All Cost.” — Nia Jovan Andrews

Relationships Part 3: God’s Love

 Nia Jovan Andrews  24 Feb 2023

God’s love is overwhelming.

Relationships Part 2: Romantic Love

 Nia Jovan Andrews  22 Feb 2023

Chat with me about romantic love. It can be so layered but it starts with us, individually.

Relationships: Self Love (Part:1)

 Nia Jovan Andrews  21 Feb 2023

I wanted to host a series of fireside chats to contribute to the many conversations around relationships. this is my…

A Look into Illicitly Manufactured Fentanyl – IPAR Method

 Nia Jovan Andrews  16 Feb 2023

America has a Long-Standing Drug Problem Growing up in Englewood in Chicago wasn’t exactly like New Jack City, the movie. It was close though. There…...

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Celebrities that Died by Fentanyl Overdose

 Nia Jovan Andrews  13 Feb 2023

Drug addiction doesn’t have a face or class, so I am not certain why the stigmas exist, we saw many celebrities over the years struggle with addiction,

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Sometimes We Get Humility Wrong.

 Nia Jovan Andrews  10 Feb 2023

Sometimes, I think people see humility as how your assurance of yourself makes them feel, but how something that you do makes someone feel has nothing to do with you. 

Fentanyl White Paper Report: Part One

 Nia Jovan Andrews  9 Feb 2023

Nia Jovan Andrews gave a short introduction on what the conversation will be about before diving into the topic of…...

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