Author: Nia Jovan Andrews

Publisher & Managing Editor
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Why So Many Festivals, You Ask?

 Nia Jovan Andrews  10 Jul 2023

Festivals are a great way to help revive cities by bringing people together to celebrate the culture and history of the city, creating a sense of community and pride. They can also bring in new businesses, create jobs, attract tourists, and generate revenue for the city. Festivals can revitalize the local economy, promote the city’s culture and history, and showcase its unique art and culture, helping to create a more vibrant atmosphere and attract more businesses and jobs.

How Chicago is Impacted by Canada Wildfires.

 Nia Jovan Andrews  27 Jun 2023

AI Generated explanation. If there are wildfires in the region, the smoke and pollutants generated can be carried by wind…

Being steadfast & the Best way to build business credit

 Nia Jovan Andrews  21 Jun 2023

Steadfastness is valuable in building a successful business as it helps leaders stay focused on their goals, make sound decisions, and instill confidence in their team and customers. Building business credit is essential for growth and success, as it helps increase access to financing, improve reputation and credibility, and manage cash flow more effectively. To build business credit effectively, establish your business entity, obtain an Employer Identification Number, open a business bank account, obtain a business credit card, establish trade lines, monitor and review your credit reports, maintain a positive payment history, gradually increase credit limits, build relationships with financial institutions, and practice responsible financial management.

Rust Belt Blog Report: Rust Belt City to Explore Living.

 Nia Jovan Andrews  20 Jun 2023

Rust Belt Cities to Live in

Rust Belt Blog Report: The Black Metropolis

 Nia Jovan Andrews  16 Jun 2023

Recognizing Black Success During Juneteenth. As Juneteenth approaches, it’s essential to acknowledge the accomplishments of Black people, particularly in the region we serve. Although Juneteenth originated in the South, it was the everyday people who recognized their worth that made it a national holiday. It’s time to celebrate and highlight other areas such as Chicago’s Bronzeville, which was once known as the Black Metropolis, and give them the recognition they deserve.

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Rust Belt Blog Report: Coastal Residents Flock to Thriving Rust Belt Cities

 Nia Jovan Andrews  15 Jun 2023

Increasing numbers of coastal residents, weary of the soaring cost of living, overpopulation, and other challenges posed by life near the shore, are seeking refuge in Rust Belt cities.

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Rust Belt Blog Report: Exploring the Revitalization of Industrial Cities

 Nia Jovan Andrews  13 Jun 2023

Let's keep the conversation of revitalization of rust belt cities going. Of these cities, which one is your favorite to visit?

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Rust Belt Revival: Exploring the Resurgence of Cities in America’s Industrial Heartland

 Nia Jovan Andrews  13 Jun 2023

The economic revitalization of Rust Belt cities is a testament to their resilience and adaptability. These cities, once heavily reliant on declining industries such as manufacturing and steel production, have undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years.

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Rose Spears, Nurse & Author, “Once I Collided with Glory.”

 Nia Jovan Andrews  13 Apr 2023

Once I Collided with Glory by Rose Spears explores themes of love, loss, and self-discovery through vivid and emotive language. The book touch on subjects such as relationships, mental health, and the search for meaning in life.


 Nia Jovan Andrews  11 Apr 2023

Owner of One Purpose Magazine penned a memoir-guided journal and have decided to package it in a box for people…