Author: Nia Jovan Andrews

Publisher & Managing Editor

Digital Show (September 1, 2022)

 Nia Jovan Andrews  20 Sep 2022

Description Pembroke Pipeline: History of pembroke Pembroke is one of the oldest black rural townships. It was founded by a…...

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 Nia Jovan Andrews  25 Jul 2022

With the CEO of Jones Publishing and Enterprises, LLC Whether or not you’re into t-shirts, wait a minute, who isn’t…

a close up shot of a newton s cradle


 Nia Jovan Andrews  21 Jun 2022

Definition: a property of a moving body that the body has by virtue of its mass and motion and that…


 Nia Jovan Andrews  7 Apr 2022

A standup show filmed in a comic’s home city always resonates well. Allow me to tell you, but you have to watch it for yourself. I enjoy when veteran comics take the stage because there’s this ability to connect that many younger comics have not acquired and you get that right away with Mike, he reads the room well; he jokingly said he knows everyone in it, but nonetheless he read it.

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Lydia Brown

 Nia Jovan Andrews  10 Mar 2022

Lydia is a 48-year-old Chicago native with a very unique story, who with a disability takes care of her creative 13-year-old daughter, Lauren with the help of her boyfriend of nine years. Lydia narrates her journey like a true storyteller, authentically navigating through her truths, some truths that many would bury, but boldly, she speaks about becoming a panhandler at a young age. Through this experience learning so much about life and living in a city like Chicago. She began writing at 26-years-old as a way to cope but thought during the pandemic that it was time to share her journey through poetry.

Phat Tuesday Review – An Amazon Original Docuseries

 Nia Jovan Andrews  8 Feb 2022  1 Comment on Phat Tuesday Review – An Amazon Original Docuseries

Let me start by saying that I did not know what Phat Tuesday was being from Chicago. I have heard of all the comedy rooms throughout the city over decades, but few beyond. I saw one of my favorite comics Luenell (@heyluenell), go live on Instagram on Monday afternoon, so I jumped in to find out she was interviewed for a new docuseries on Amazon Prime, created by Guy Torry (Actor/comic), titled, Phat Tuesday that premiered February 4, 2022. I had to google it to learn it was a popular comedy room in Los Angeles back in the 1990s, Phat Tuesday at the Comedy Store. 

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Suicide Attempt Video is Not for Social Sharing

 Nia Jovan Andrews  16 Dec 2021

The mainstream media have gotten so much better at covering deaths by suicide. Now we must talk about social media…...

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selective focus photography of magazines

Local Media Relevance – Economic Development for Black America ( a series: part 2)

 Nia Jovan Andrews  10 Jun 2021

The value of media in reinvesting in communities that have struggled through disinvestment Former President Obama mentioned in his interview…...

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