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two girls wearing yellow sleeveless dresses

Protecting Girls

 Nia Jovan Andrews  22 Mar 2023  0 Comments on Protecting Girls

“Girls Deserve to be Protected at All Cost.” — Nia Jovan Andrews

Sometimes We Get Humility Wrong.

 Nia Jovan Andrews  10 Feb 2023

Sometimes, I think people see humility as how your assurance of yourself makes them feel, but how something that you do makes someone feel has nothing to do with you. 

Battle of the Burgers

 Nia Jovan Andrews  4 Feb 2023
brown gavel

Drink Champs Had to Remove the Interview

 Nia Jovan Andrews  18 Oct 2022

I am not into entertainment news, as yall know, but when something comes up relevant to my interests, I speak…

Sometimes a simple Old Fashioned will do….

 Nia Jovan Andrews  14 Oct 2022  1 Comment on Sometimes a simple Old Fashioned will do….

We have come to another weekend and as many know; I try to squeeze in a cocktail or two to…


 Nia Jovan Andrews  25 Jul 2022

With the CEO of Jones Publishing and Enterprises, LLC Whether or not you’re into t-shirts, wait a minute, who isn’t…

a close up shot of a newton s cradle


 Nia Jovan Andrews  21 Jun 2022

Definition: a property of a moving body that the body has by virtue of its mass and motion and that…