Economic Development

Economic Development for Black America (A series of articles – 1)

We are hearing so much about the Tulsa, Oklahoma race massacre that occurred May 31 – June 1, 1921. It’s been 100 years since it happened and so many people are raising awareness about the atrocity at the hands of a White American mob/White supremacists group. The White mob attacked residents, homes, and businesses in the predominantly Black Greenwood community. Despite many of the details never being disclosed until recent years, hundreds of people were killed and thousands were left homeless. 

Local Media Relevance – Economic Development for Black America ( a series: part 2)

Former President Obama mentioned in his interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN that a part of the legacy building has to include investing in local media. As you all may assume, hearing this was like music to my ears.  I believe strongly that the media plays a major part in reinvesting into communities. Like mentioned in a previous article: Economic Development for Black America (A series of articles – 1)