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Opinion: Four Tips to Manage Your Money Better

By Ian Perkinks Feburary 13, 2021

Managing your money effectively is more than simply counting money in and money out. Successful money management can help you avoid wondering where all your money disappeared while ensuring a well-funded financial future. Keeping you informed and well insulated from many financial burdens that could occur. These four tips below combined together will guarantee that you’ll never be caught off
guard financially ever again.

OpEd: Bring Wealth from Film to the Black Community in Chicago

Where creating more studios and producing more films can create a better Chicago and help eradicate poverty.

Suicide in the Black Community – Not a “White Thing”

Suicide is one of those social issues that we don’t typically like to talk about because we worry about those who are struggling. We are living in the time right now where we have to have the conversation. We are in September it is suicide Awareness Month. If you are or someone you know is struggling with thoughts that may cause harm, please reach out to the crisis counselor by texting 74141.

Editorial: Opioid Crisis in the Black Community

An underbelly ideology ingrained in your consciousness that life never charged you with addressing. Maybe, until now. 2020, has been a year of the uncovering. The scabs are removed, the wounds are open and the ills of our society need healing. 

Data Storytelling: Ending Violence on Women

Domestic Violence (DV) and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) show up in many different forms. According to the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) domestic violence happens in families or close relationships when one person tries to control the other person by physical, verbal, sexual or emotional abuse, also property or economic abuse.

Photo of an english literature book

Editorial: Reflection on English Literature

John Locke, who was a British philosopher that play a major part in the drafting of American documents. How this relates to a female black writer, you have to see for yourself.

Profiles of Everyday People

We focus on exposing the greatness of everyday people through profiles and Q&A pieces.

Travita Price, LPN

Nursing Industry

“My favorite part about being a nurse is helping others when they can’t help themselves.”

Sandra Rivera

Media Industry

 “Regardless of having partnership that women still have to have some independence.”

Danielle Terry

Mother, Wife & Mentor

“You must create your own happiness and work it out for yourself.”