Sometimes We Get Humility Wrong.

What is humility,  we know these days we can look to many sources to define words; it is one word I see used often, but in context cannot discern if the user knows how to appropriately use the word.

Sometimes, I think people see humility as how your assurance of yourself makes them feel, but how something that you do makes someone feel has nothing to do with you. 

One way the word is defined is, a modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness. Another is, freedom from pride and arrogance – the bible defines it in proverbs 22:4 as, fear of the Lord. 

If you take all those definitions and fuse them together what you do not find is how my confidence impacts your insecurities. Humility is a form of a self-check, when you are preparing to go before others, you reflect on your purpose with your High Power, you assure that your mission in on purpose and your intentions are aligned on good character with the well-being of others in mind, confirming that your reasoning is to be of service to others, not for selfish gain.

If you’re showing-up in a room and you’ve done that work and people still see arrogance, or cockiness its definitely them and not you. Sometimes, well-intended people need this as a reminder, because people will say things in an attempt to bring you down. Many have no idea how those bold enough to go before others, to serve a purpose have had to do to prepare themselves. They don’t know what it has taken for you to build the confidence, gain the knowledge, prepare for the attacks, judgment and criticism whether healthy or not. The have no idea how you have submitted yourself to serving under mentorship and belong led and taught in order to carry whatever authority over a topic that you may be charged to carry out. 

I feel as though a great leader has served. When you have done so, knowing you’re gifted in an area your humility has been tested, once you’ve passed that test, go forward and disregard the critics. Someone needs to see your confidence. 

– Your favorite publisher, Nia 

Publisher & Managing Editor