Definition: a property of a moving body that the body has by virtue of its mass and motion and that is equal to the product of the body’s mass and velocity broadly : a property of a moving body that determines the length of time required to bring it to rest when under the action of a constant force.

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By definition, when applying to humans, momentum doesn’t seem like a good definition. It seems exhausting to have to apply pressure constantly in order to achieve rest. Especially in a time when many mental health experts are trying to get people to value rest and leave the “I’ll rest when I die” mentality pre-covid shut down.

I understand that, and I believe in rest probably more than the average hard worker, but the concept of momentum has been on my mind heavily. In business, there’s a speed. I have seen successful people achieve this. I have watched them rev-up and then take off. I wonder if the take-off in business is the level of rest, where the rev-up was the length of time it took you to take-off and the takeoff is the rest, or place you are in when everything you worked hard for seems to happen, time after time.

We all want that, right, but what establishes the momentum, the “rev-up” if you will? I think its the discipline to bring things into order that establishes the momentum. You may not have the people to help you, and if you have people to help you, you may not have things aligned or in order for them to be effective in their help, because you are aligning things, I have witnessed this and I have seen helpers grow frustrated in this phase, but you have to keep building that momentum, regardless.

The part of the definition that really sticks out to me is “when under the action of constant force.” To me, that means you’re consistently applying pressure to your goals. You are setting daily goals and achieving them. You are making sure all loose ends of whatever you are trying to accomplish are tied. You are speaking about things as if they are happening for you already because you know that the plans will prosper. There’s a saying that you are it before you become it. The rev-up only prepares you for the resting place of your success.

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