Sometimes a simple Old Fashioned will do….

We have come to another weekend and as many know; I try to squeeze in a cocktail or two to join all the many things that I have to do. It’s nice to sit back and sip on a fancy cocktail, but other times keeping it simple is all that’s needed.

That’s how I feel about an Old Fashioned, it’s a classic simple cocktail that is sold across the country in almost every bar. I wish I knew if there were a debate on what’s the best bourbon for the Old Fashioned, I’d argue it depends on your favorite bourbon. The flavor profile of the bourbon will dictate how the Old Fashioned will taste. An old fashioned is made of, whiskey, sugar, Angostura bitters, and an orange peel (or cherry) for garnish…I prefer the cherry.

So one of the things that I incorporate into thinking about how to make an excellent classic old-fashioned is the type of bourbon. One of the types of bourbons that I like to use for my old-fashioned is Bulleit. I know it is of ancient times. It is something that’s been out for so long. It is just a go-to bourbon, and I like to use it for my old-fashioned because of the spiciness and the taste of nutmeg that follows the spiciness.

When I took a trip to DC, I learned Bulleit was one of former President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s favorite Bourbons, so that was cool. Still, I like to make it so that my bourbon is classic and pleasing to the palate because I feel like when you’re drinking an old-fashioned, you taste much more of the whiskey than you do any other notes or other things you add into that cocktail.

And, of course, with the old-fashioned, you can infuse it with different flavors. You can smoke it. I love a smoked old-fashioned. You can use different variations of bourbons where you can have it double oak, that’s a good one, or you can use other whiskeys, use a rye whiskey which will give it a different flavor palette or you can use a bourbon that’s aged for a long time, or one with higher proof, as the Evan Williams bottled in bond. That’s a good way to try your classic old-fashioned, and I always say classic because it’s such a traditional spirit that’s added to a cocktail.

Something that I like to pair my old fashioned is some good oysters. Now, I don’t know how many people are into this, but I love to drink a classic bourbon cocktail with oysters. I don’t know if it’s a thing. I will have to look into that, but it’s my thing, so I love grilling some oysters. If I have the grill set up outside, I grill them outside or use the indoor grill. I will grill them a little bit to make sure that the juices on the inside are bubbling, and then I put some butter in it with a few chives and chopped bacon, maybe some horseradish, and a little smoked gouda. Ah, just so good. It’s so good, and to drink my cocktail with that, it’s the perfect combination.

So if you are a member and you are reading this, I will be doing a mix of a classic bourbon cocktail in our One Purpose Magazine conversation and cocktails group, so you can look out for that this weekend. I look forward to seeing you there.

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