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Free cafe neon sign at night

Community Cafes

 Nia Jovan Andrews  29 Aug 2023

I am saddened that I can no longer hangout at the cafes I used to. My go-to spot was always Artist Cafe on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, which unfortunately is no longer there.

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Fire/Rescue station construction

What is Small-scale Development

 Nia Jovan Andrews  27 Jul 2023

Small-scale development involves creating or improving infrastructure, buildings, or projects on a localized level. It differs from large-scale developments, which are more extensive and involve major construction projects or urban planning. Small-scale development aims to enhance the immediate surroundings and cater to the specific needs of a community or neighborhood.

Rust Belt Blog Report: Rust Belt City to Explore Living.

 Nia Jovan Andrews  20 Jun 2023

Rust Belt Cities to Live in

people riding in swing carousel

Rust Belt Revival: Exploring the Resurgence of Cities in America’s Industrial Heartland

 Nia Jovan Andrews  13 Jun 2023

The economic revitalization of Rust Belt cities is a testament to their resilience and adaptability. These cities, once heavily reliant on declining industries such as manufacturing and steel production, have undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years.

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